Jacob Hopkins

Jacob Hopkins

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Jacob Hopkins

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Meet Jacob Hopkins

Actor Jacob Hopkins is Being “True” to His Talent!

In real life, Jacob Hopkins is nearing double digits and managing to lead a “normal” life while spicing it up a little playing different characters in film and on television guest appearances.  On camera, he has just finished a reoccurring role on one today’s most talked about television shows, “True Blood.”

We chatted with the performer recently about how he got started in acting and how he prepares to play a vampire.  Fun and energetic, Jacob gave us a glimpse into the life of a young, working actor.

“I was running a few errands with my Dad,” Jacob begins when asked about how he got started in show business.  “He’s an actor too. He happened to stop at his agent.  I was sitting with them and one of the agents asked, ‘Who is this and does he want to act?’ I was curious what acting was and I thought it would be fun. I said ‘sure!’”

Jacob soon landed a role in a film called “The Minis.” “The second thing I did was a Kmart [commercial] with Jaclyn Smith,” he recalls. “It was a Mother’s Day thing.” What was it like working with the television icon who starred on the original “Charlie’s Angels?”   “Jaclyn Smith was really nice!” he confirms.  “I LOVED working with her.  It was really fun!”

Next up for the youngster was an appearance on the super popular show “How I Met Your Mother.”  “I worked for two days,” Jacob tells us.  “My character was named ‘Billy,’ a karate powerhouse.  This was actually before I took karate.  I got to kick Chris Kattan!”

Getting Jacob prepared to show up on set and be professional at such a young age is a team effort for the Hopkins clan.  “Well, my Dad helps me and my Mom helps me too!” the brown-belt in Tae Kwon Do admits.  “I memorize the lines and go over them with my Mom. Then when my Dad gets home from work, he helps me with it too.  That’s how I prepare.”

Celebrating landing a role is family event too! “Sometimes my Dad takes my Mom, me and my brother out for dinner,” Jacob says.  “Sometimes we get ice cream at Cold Stone or something.”

We bet the family did both when Jacob booked his latest role.  He played vampire, “Alexander Drew,” on a few episodes of the super popular HBO series “True Blood.” “Alexander Drew is like a trouble maker,” he says of the character he brought to life on the cable series. “He’s feisty and strong-minded.  Let’s just say, he makes himself heard.  He strongly has his own opinion and looking like a kid has nothing to do with his wisdom and importance on the authority.  He can’t help it; he was turned at the age of nine.  He doesn’t let that stop him from what he wants to say.”

This particular role required Jacob to use his imagination and figure out how to play someone who could be somewhat evil.  “I’m sort of interested in these characters like Jekyll and Hyde, these guys with duel personalities really fascinate me.  ‘Alexander’ sort of has the double personality. It’s like he’s nice sometimes or he agrees with some of the vampires and sometimes he really gets in their faces.  I try to figure out who they are, what made them like that and in their heart, whether they turn to the dark side or not.”

“I can also refer to Dracula,” he continues about preparing to play “Alexander.”  “Because [he’s] sort of like that too.  Dracula isn’t like a duel personality, but he’s a vampire. He’s dark and creepy, and that’s sort of how Alexander is.”

Given that “True Blood” is intended for a much older audience, Jacob is only allowed to watch his scenes from the series, and his friends are supportive too, even though most of them won’t be able to watch either.  “They think it’s really cool that I’m acting,” he says of his peers.  “One of my friends, Morgan, she watches ‘True Blood’ and is waiting to see me. A lot of my friends are congratulating me too.”

School is a top priority for this student who loves Science and Math the most. “I go to regular school,” he says easily when asked how he juggles working with going to school too.  “My teacher gives me the most important things I need to work on,” he says of when he has to miss class to film something.  “I’ve had great set teachers when I’m on set.  They help me when anything I need!”

When he’s not playing vampires on television or going on auditions, Jacob likes doing the same things your little brother probably loves.  “I like to swim. I like to read and draw.  I love playing handball… anything Super Mario Bros.  I like to collect Super Hero comics and I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I like to watch SpongeBob, iCarly, Good Luck Charlie, Shake it Up and the Avengers cartoon.”

  Like every other student, Jacob was also looking forward to summer vacation.  “This summer, my Grandma and Grandfather are having an anniversary. So I am going to go to Biloxi, Mississippi. My cousins are going to be there.  We’re going to celebrate! My Grandpa said he had a surprise for us, so I’m still waiting.”

The future is wide open for this up and comer who dreams of working with one of Hollywood’s best some day.  “I’d like to work with Johnny Depp because he’s a hilarious guy and he can do so many awesome characters. He’s such a great actor.” Given how much this guy has accomplished already, we have no doubt he will make that happen!

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